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Trisha Hughes




The Tartan Kings


For better or worse, the story of Scotland is long, tumultuous and endlessly inter-connected with England.  History has possibly never seen such an intense relationship between two countries. ‘THE TARTAN KINGS’ tells us the story of ruthless kings, a favoured queen, warriors, battles and wars. But standing tall above them all are the strong, dependable ones who persevered. The resilient ones. The irrepressible ones.

Scotland has been a desert, a swamp, a tropical rainforest, and a desert again. It has drifted north over the planet with an ever changing cargo of dinosaurs, giant redwoods, sharks, bears, lynx, giant elk and wolves. And also, in the last twinkling of an eye in the geological time-scale, human beings. But it has always been on this unavoidable collision course with England. If they weren’t fighting each other, they were fighting the English. 

To the Scots, the English have been friends, allies, rivals, family and oppressors. 


But mostly enemies.

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