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Trisha Hughes

                                HOT NEWS


Vikings to Virgin - The Hazards of Being King  - the first in the Historical trilogy called her 'V 2 V' series - is  available at Amazon and on Kindle.  The 'Buy' option is available on this site and will take you straight to


Virgin to Victoria - The Queen is Dead. Long live the Queen   the second in her Historical trilogy - is available at Amazon and on Kindle.  Keep an eye out for the next exciting sequel in her 'V 2 V' series.


Victoria to Vikings - The Circle of Blood  - the third and exciting finale in her Historical 'V 2 V' trilogy is out.


Dragonfly ​is the first in a crime/mystery series featuring Jack Curtis, an ex-policeman who suddenly finds himself out of the police force and thrown into a mystery involving his best friend. This is the first in a Jack Curtis Mystery Series and I'm hoping you love him as much as I loved writing his character into my book. 

Chameleon ​is the second in the crime/mystery series featuring Jack Curtis. It's a year later and Jack is struggling to get his Private Investigative business off the ground. One night, he picks up a hitchhiker and his world will never be the same again.  Once again, he is struggling to clear his name. 


I love Jack and I'm hoping you will empathise with him as he stumbles through the investigation.

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