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Trisha Hughes

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 Book 2 in the Jack Curtis Series

We all make mistakes, there's no doubt about it. And of late, Jack's track record was looking pretty grim. But sometimes, the best of intentions can become the worst decisions of your life.


Picking up a young, female hitchhiker on a dark rainy night could possibly be the worst decision Jack had ever made.

One week later, the hitchhiker was missing and the sequence of events that followed that one simple good deed left jack reeling with disbelief.

Suddenly, he was thrown into a world of drugs, prostitution and murder as he delved deep into the disappearance to clear himself.

In his wildest dreams, he never imagined where the investigation would lead.


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About Trisha Hughes

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Trisha Hughes is the bestselling author of her autobiography 'Daughters of Nazareth'. She is also the author of a Historical Trilogy she calls her 'V2V' series highlighting the British Monarchy throughout the centuries. 


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Book 1 in the Jack Curtis Series

Ex-police detective Jack Curtis thought he’d seen everything.

That is until he found his friend Joe naked and sobbing on the steps of his house, a gun lying beside him and his fiancée Shannon dead in a pool of blood.

All the evidence points to Joe as the murderer, yet he professes his innocence. 

But if Joe didn’t do it, who did?

Jack digs deep for answers but what he finds reveals Shannon was playing a more sinister and dangerous game than he could ever have imagined….

                  . . . now he is questioning everything he thought he knew. 




“…one week after my first communion and three days before my seventh birthday, my father went back into hospital and I awoke to the sound of silence.”


That afternoon, a police car delivered Patricia Gourgaud to Nazareth House, a Catholic orphanage for abandoned children. She would never see her home or her mother again.


Throughout years at the orphanage, she never stopped longing for the mother who had deserted her or for her beloved father, whose too few visits ceased mysteriously when she was a young teenager. At the age of fifteen, she ran away from her last abusive foster home determined to leave the horrors of her past behind her and start a new life for herself. Alone.

But fate wasn't finished with Patricia yet. Through a heart-wrenching twelve months of domestic violence, her survival instincts resurfaced and she was able to forge ahead with her life.


Then one night twenty-five years later, she received a telephone call from a complete stranger, a young woman who had an amazing story of her own to tell that included Patricia.


Daughters of Nazareth is Patricia’s story. It is a compelling and moving account of a woman who refused to be bowed by the worst that life could throw at her. It is a story about how confusion and loneliness was transformed into one filled with love, happiness and peace. But above all, it is the deeply touching story of a woman who grew up without a family only to find them when she least expected it. 




For better or worse, the story of Scotland is long, tumultuous and endlessly inter-connected with England.  History has possibly never seen such an intense relationship between two countries. ‘THE TARTAN KINGS’ tells us the story of ruthless kings, a favoured queen, warriors, battles and wars. But standing tall above them all are the strong, dependable ones who persevered. The resilient ones. The irrepressible ones.

Scotland has been a desert, a swamp, a tropical rainforest, and a desert again. It has drifted north over the planet with an ever changing cargo of dinosaurs, giant redwoods, sharks, bears, lynx, giant elk and wolves. And also, in the last twinkling of an eye in the geological time-scale, human beings. But it has always been on this unavoidable collision course with England. If they weren’t fighting each other, they were fighting the English. 

To the Scots, the English have been friends, allies, rivals, family and oppressors. 


But mostly enemies.

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