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Trisha Hughes

Do not fear failure. Fear regret.

Many of us have goals we are trying to achieve. And many of us are nervous of failing to achieve those goals. We are all rushing to get over the finish line of success. Some of us will succeed and some will not...temporarily.

Over the years, while writing my historical series and my first mystery novel, I've been putting the finishing touches to my memoir 'Daughters of Nazareth' due for re-release in January 2020. It's been tough writing this updated memoir because it cuts deep into my being. It's 'updated' because the story told twenty years ago and published by Pan MacMillan Australia left quite a lot out. It went on to become a best-seller in Australia at the time but there was a huge gap in the middle that I wasn't ready to reveal. I hadn't healed enough. Twenty years later, I feel ready now to do that. It's heart-wrenching in parts but most of you know me by now so you know it has a happy ending. I've healed enough to share the full story with you although I'm still quite nervous of the reactions I may receive. But I'm ready now because I've grown.

What I've come to believe is that things happen when they're ready to happen. You see, the person we are right now is not the person that we need to be when we cross the finish line to our dreams.

What we must do is walk and pace ourselves for the journey to our goals because we haven't grown enough yet in ourselves to fit the shoes we need to achieve our aspirations. Many of us just aren't ready to walk the race right now. So we must pace ourselves. As we pace ourselves, we grow. And as we grow, our foot gets bigger. And as our foot gets bigger, our shoes begin to fill. And as our shoes begin to fill we can run a little bit faster. And as we pick up the pace, we get to the finish line at the exact time that we are supposed to.

Do not fear the word NO but be afraid of the possibility of a YES that you have prematurely destroyed because you decided to quit before the clock strikes 12.

There are a lot of questions you will think about in the middle of the night but I guarantee you there isn't one question that will keep you up longer at night than the question "What if I didn't give up?"

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