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Hello all,

It's launch day for the latest in the Jack Curtis series, the second in his crime / mystery series. This new thriller takes our favourite PI on another thrilling roller coaster ride.

We all make mistakes, there's no doubt about it. And of late, Jack’s track record was looking pretty grim. But sometimes, the best of intentions can become the worst decisions of your life. Picking up a young, female hitchhiker on a dark rainy night could possibly be the worst decision Jack had ever made. One week later, the hitchhiker was missing and the sequence of events that followed that one simple good deed left Jack reeling with disbelief.

Suddenly, he was thrown into a world of drugs, prostitution and murder as he delved deep into the disappearance to clear himself. In his wildest dreams, he never imagined where the investigation would lead.

This book was a lot of fun to write and the more I write about Jack, the more fun he becomes. He's smart, witty and he doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. I know you'll love him as much as I do.

Out now in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback.


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