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SCORPION has arrived

It's taken a move from Hong Kong, a house build and sharing my mind with the 'THE TARTAN KINGS' but 'SCORPION' is finally published and live after three years. And I couldn't be more proud.

For those who have read the first two books in the Jack Curtis Myesteries, you will find this book a little different. For a start, Jack is not the main character. His ex-partner, Samantha Neil, steals the limelight from him. But since this series is the third in the 'Jack Curtis Mysteries', Jack has to be present and as always, the two team up to bring you another sizzling mystery, full of suspense and drama.

After her sister’s murder twenty years ago, Samantha walked away from her family and home, fully intending never to return. There were too many hurtful words spoken in those last few days to ever attempt a reconciliation with her family and too many secrets that involved a feud between the Neils and their neighbours, the O’Donovans, that were never explained. Bundled into that pain was the loss of her childhood sweetheart, Rory O’Donovan.


When her mother died, an urgent plea from her elder sister bought her back to Tasmania for the funeral. Surprisingly, left for Samantha was a suitcase full of family photos, an ancient diary written by her grandmother and a heart-breaking letter from her mother appealing her to explore the clumsy investigation of her sister’s murder and to read the diary, which would explain everything.

But in doing so, a Pandora's box of lies and deception is opened, leaving Sam reeling.


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